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FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center (FCEC) is rolling out Washington DC’s first community resilience hub, called the Resilience Incubator.


The Resilience Incubator program blueprint will follow the  community resilience hub proposal defined by the Ward 7 Resilience Hub Community Coalition (previously known as the Equity Advisory Group – EAG). The Harrison Institute, Georgetown Climate Center, and Social Enterprise Nonprofit Law Clinic have also played various critical supporting roles, including creating and leading the EAG process with DC Department of Energy and Environment.


The Resilience Incubator serves as a safety net and trusted location for community advocacy, uplifting individuals, and building community capacity through self-determination. The Resilience Incubator will serve the community based on the principles of equality, equity, inclusion, and justice. Furthermore, it is focused on building resilience and creating sustainable outcomes in collaboration with the community, individuals, and public & private entities. Services and programming are Intergenerational and enhanced to incorporate and embed various aspects of Environmental Literacy  by encompassing climate sustainability, climate/environmental justice, and environmental stewardship.


What an amazing turn-out

By all those who were there from the beginning of the vision to the present! The Faunteroy Center welcomed Local and Federal Government Partners, Community Members, and Supporters.


DOEE Awards

$540,000 for Resilient Energy Technology to the F.H. Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center Resilience Hub


Resilience Hub Video


We had an impactful Earth Day Activity Day.

We thank our participating organizations: Ward 7 Resilience Hub Community Coalition (W7RHCC), Green Urban Arts Collaborative (GUAC), M&T Bank, and DC Trail Rangers (Washington Area Bicyclist Association).


The FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center programmatic values are centered around the four E’s:

Education, Exposure, Enrichment, and Excellence


Sometimes, we have to go back to the basics to move forward.  Our educational programming centers around supporting our youth after and out of school, adult/family literacy classes that enhance their successes in workforce development career pathways, increase knowledge on better health & wellness, and community engagement through meaningful educational/literacy programming.


Quite a number of the community members we serve are under-exposed to what lies beyond their neighborhoods.  Our youth programming is especially focused on exposing our youth to what lies beyond the possibilities of their neighborhoods. Exposure we believe is an extremely important ingredient towards reducing youth violence and increasing environmental literacy.


A key ingredient towards reducing youth violence is to provide programming that enhances and enriches day-to-day experiences of youth and families.   This includes programming around environmental literacy, which exposes community members of all ages to the richness and treasures that surrounds them, it also include STEAM programming, chest club, adult hand-dancing, yoga, and intergenerational story-telling.


Our motto is “Excellence not Perfection” we focus on delivering excellent experiences, being an excellent community partner, and propagating the values of excellence.  As a result, we facilitate excellence within our community by tapping into the talents and brilliance of each individual so that we collaboratively benefit as we strive for excellence in all we undertake.