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FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center

The Rockson Community Development Corporation (RCDC) is a 501(3) Organization, DBA FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center (FCEC) established in 2013 to serve the Deanwood community directly and expand further into Ward 7. The FCEC is located at the far Northeast corner of Washington DC, Ward 7, and is part of the ‘East of River’ communities, which have socio-economic challenges related to a long run of systemic injustices. The population we service are mostly economically disadvantaged and African-Americans. The location is at the ground floor of a mixed-use 100% affordable housing building with apartments for 70 families (1–3-bedroom apartments). The Center’s primary focus is on fortifying the community through multi-general programming and being a community safety net, trusted advocate focused on uplifting individuals, and building robust partnerships to deliver high quality programs for youth (between the ages 7-24, adults (from age 25) and seniors (above age 60).

Resilience Incubator@FH Faunteroy

As of 2019, the FCEC was elected by the Ward 7 Resilience Hub Community Coalition to put in place the first Community Resilience Hub in the District. Community Resilience Hubs are augmented community assets serving in an expanded capacity by providing programming during Steady State, (99%), Disruption, and Recovery. The FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center (FCEC) has taken up the charge to implement an Ideal Resilience Hub in DC, called the Resilience Incubator. As an ideal resilience hub, the site will be expanded to accommodate resilient design, programming, power, communications, and operations. The Resilience Incubator serves a safety net and trusted location for community advocacy, uplifting individuals, and building community capacity through self-determination. Program design is intergenerational and led by the principles of equality, equity, inclusion, and justice through an environmental literacy lens. The Resilience Incubator@FH Faunteroy is focused on building resilience and creating sustainable outcomes in collaboration with the community, individuals, and public & private entities. We deliver services seamlessly to meet our community where they are by customizing promising practices. Services and programs remain Intergenerational and enhanced to incorporate and embed various aspects of Environmental Literacy encompassing climate sustainability, climate/environmental justice, and environmental stewardship. The location at 4800 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE, will transform to become an innovative community engagement center equipped to also operate during environmental stressors or disasters.