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Dance.Outside.The.Box is a one-hour experience to activate and unlock your team’s creativity, resilience and focus.

We have developed a new method for the team-building experience to create engaging and inspiring moments. Your team will be surprised by their fresh and new perspectives. Our aim is to give your team a moment away from daily responsibilities, have fun and let go of stress during a physical activity. We invite you to expand your horizon by opening up your team’s comfort zone and welcome the possibilities that lie beyond.


Dance.Outside.The.Box is created by people with an academic background and a heart for entertainment.

Founder Ona Struwer aka La Ona started her DJ career with a master degree communication in her pocket. Living and sharing her big passion for music worldwide, she got challenged with Lyme disease. Through her healing journey she researched the scientific knowledge behind the power of sound, frequencies, music and dancing.

With this information she designed this high-tech approach to a centuries old practice, so she can help others to find mental and physical wellness. She is now sharing this knowledge and joy to help organisations optimise their team workflow and productivity. With her team she is now sharing this knowledge and joy as a life coach ánd DJ, to help organisations optimise their team workflow and productivity.


From one-time team building sessions or big conference gatherings, to weekly office session. We work with you to create an unforgettable experience, tailored to your company.

As much as we would like to tell you that this is all new, it is not. When we created a strong fundament of scientific knowledge for this concept, we found many references to ancient practices. Using sound, frequencies, music and dancing, to benefit the wellbeing of humans is not only used all over the world, it has also been used as long as music exists. 

We’ve converted century old practices into a high-tech method and we’ve added the newest scientific discoveries to this mix. We took playfulness to heart, since this activity should not be another thing on your to-do list. Playfulness is a precursor to flow state. Being in flow state is at the core of this practice. 

Never before you’ve had the opportunity to offer your employees a leading edge activity that increases their productivity, job satisfaction, physical & mental wellness AND they can’t wait to do it again.


Implement health safety measures while keeping the joyful connectivity alive.


Guide you through mindfulness techniques for mental wellbeing and stress relief.


Create a safe space for an open and authentic self expression to improve spirit and build trust.


Ignite the spark for innovative & creative thinking with an open mindset.


Get you energised through movement for enhanced performance and increased productivity.


With more then 320.000 people hosted over the past 15 years, we combine experience with scientific research to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with these companies, amongst others.