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The Climate Divide
"Hope is the Consequence of Action":
How D.C. and Other U.S. Cities Are Tackling Extreme Heat. 38:13

Heat islands are a complex problem in need of multifaceted solutions. In this episode, we examine the different heat-adaptation plans being implemented in the nation's capital and in cities across the United States. These solutions provide suggestions on how to keep residents safe and re-imagine development and infrastructure.

Episode (#8) of Hola Cultura’s heat island podcast, and I encourage you to listen! The Climate Divide | Hola Cultura. This one features Dr. Estelle, Dennis, Justin and Jennifer. I think the reporter team did a great job covering a breadth of issues related to extreme heat and community resilience, and you all provided a lot of valuable insight. It ends on a positive, hopeful note, which I appreciate in climate change reporting.