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FFA was happy to collaborate with two new valuable DC organizations:

Park Road Transitional Program and Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center.
When citizens build solidarity with each other, we all rise up together.


Malik Lang, Executive Director of the Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center that provides educational, creative, and lifestyle services to youth and seniors in Ward 7. Food For All DC is providing the center with groceries for distribution to food-insecure residents.

FFA’s dedicated volunteers are the backbone of the program, with over 100 volunteers giving their time to keep the operation running week-by-week.

We love getting feedback from volunteers like Carol who wrote:

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“I was glad to be able to volunteer Saturday and I was impressed by the operation. So professional and well organized!!! Thank you for all you do.” 

The demand for food continues to grow in Washington DC, with Food For All DC (FFA) meeting the food needs of over 500 people during the week.

This is a 25% increase from the previous week! Many laid off restaurant workers are beginning to call, resulting in FFA supporting twenty recently unemployed workers and their families during the week. Maryam Khatami, a social worker at St Colletta of Greater Washington, a school for kids with special needs, underscored the importance of FFA’s endeavors:

“You may not be aware of how much some clients depend on your food right now. Your services are great!”  

Mr. Paige, House Manager at Park Road Transitional Program, receiving food bags for 10 residents who are in transition from substance abuse and crisis situations.